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Home Improvements

When you desperately need extra space, or simply have a desire for a more open environment, an extension to your existing property can deliver the perfect solution. Four Walls will work with you throughout every stage of the process, understanding your unique needs and responding with a considered proposal that matches your expectations, and your budget.

Experience has allowed us to develop a network of trusted partners, each a specialist in their own field. Today, this provides us with a wealth of tried and trusted craftsmen, providing true flexibility of quality and cost.

Over the years we’ve worked hard to maintain a professional relationship with Warwickshire’s planning department. As a result, all our major projects benefit from clear and ongoing communication, allowing issues to be quickly resolved and expediting completion.

Together, these factors assure you of truly excellent results. And what’s more, you’re always assured that we’ll respect your home, minimising disruption throughout the entire process.

Few of us can afford to have our homes designed and built to our own exacting specifications. And for most, needs change as life moves on. So, the ability to modify living spaces with the minimum of inconvenience can help you to enjoy your property to the full.

Working with an experienced structural engineer, Four Walls can quickly modify the layout of your home. From simply adding new windows that deliver additional light to creating or consolidating rooms, we’ll be pleased to discuss the range of opportunities available.

Many properties can benefit from utilising the space provided by their capacious lofts and basements. Our conversions delight homeowners by delivering added capacity without the need to encroach on much-loved gardens or depleting the availability of parking space. From structural modifications to waterproofing, light wells and more, with Four Walls you’ll enjoy assured results from experienced and knowledgeable specialists.

Even the best artificial simulation doesn’t come close to the natural beauty of a real fire. However, for many years the convenience of modern technology made it the heating option of choice. Now, with a growing preference for real fires as part of the overall mix, the interest in restoring bricked up and overboarded fireplaces continues to grow.

To ensure your personal safety, and that of you and your property, we’ll be delighted to ensure your fireplace and chimney comply with current building regulations. And, for those who prefer gas, pellet or wood burning stoves, Four Walls can install a range of flue liners, along with any structural modifications that may be required.


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