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Heritage Services

With external brickwork constantly at the mercy of British weather, eventually even the most resilient mortar will decay. In return, this will result in water ingress, leading to damage from frost and ice. Our comprehensive repointing service provides an effective solution, removing just the affected areas, or entire sections. Thorough preparation is supported by appropriate replacement, using traditional lime or a modern cement-based mortar. And we take pride in every last detail, right down to employing the correct joint finish for the period.

Whether as the result of air pollution, bird fouling or a build up of moss and algae, there comes a time when almost every piece of masonry can benefit from thorough cleaning. Based on extensive research, we now employ the DOFF steam cleaning system. Developed by Stonehealth, it’s ideal for the restoration and conservation of even the most detailed stonework. The DOFF system also removes paintwork and other residues. So, for all types of masonry cleaning, please get in touch. We’ll be delighted to discuss the options available, allowing you to enjoy the best results possible.

Stonehealth has been responsible for cleaning some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and Canterbury Cathedral. Based on our extensive experience of using their products, we are now one of a select group of Stonehealth approved contractors.

Mismatched brickwork and inappropriate repairs degrade both aesthetic appeal and commercial value. At Four Walls we take great pride in ensuring that our work is indiscernible from the original construction, even when this involves inserting modern lintels above doorways and windows, adding or removing openings and renovating or replacing damaged brickwork. We aim to match any finish, modern or historic, including the type and size of brick and the size and construction of joints, right down to the compatibility of the mortar we use.


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