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Repointing Retail Premises – Leamington Spa


The Brief: With peeling paint beginning to create an issue with damp, our client committed to a programme of renovation. Inspection of test patches revealed low-fired early Leamington brick, which has an inherently soft composition. Unfortunately, the entire building had previously been repointed with a hard cement mortar, substantially increasing the complexity of the project.
Project Timescale: 6 weeks
Project Overview: As approved Stonehealth contractors, we employed the company’s specialist DOFF cleaning system, designed for the renovation of heritage stonework. With substantial effort, this effectively removed multiple layers of paint without resultant damage.

With brickwork and mortar now clearly visible, samples of original mortar were available for analysis, revealing its original composition.

Then, applying methodology approved by English Heritage, the offending hard cement mortar was carefully removed, with any spalled bricks extracted, rotated or replaced.

Based on the original composition, new lime mortar was mixed using heritage materials. To ensure a clean finish with compact joints the entire building was repointed by hand, subsequently employing the relevant curing processes. Finally, the entire building enjoyed a final clean, once again using the DOFF system.

The Result: If you have chance to walk down Regent Street, we hope you’ll agree the finish is striking. The shop is unmissable, as it’s the only one that isn’t painted white. A tricky and time-consuming project with inherent challenges, the building is now a credit to its owner and the Four Walls crew.

It’s rare that commercial reality allows this type of property to benefit from the standard of craftsmanship and care it deserves, but the result is clearly well worth the effort.

The team at Four Walls have done a great job removing the paint from the brickwork, and repointing my shop in the centre of Leamington as part of our rebranding, They have since done some work at my home which we were also delighted with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone’. Claire Griffin, owner of Elixir, Regent St, Leamington Spa
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